mumbling mountain

comfort from trees

Can you believe this little dog?


Poppy on a leaning red oak

Dog’s like to walk on logs. Log dogs. This little dog takes it to a new level for me. This red oak is about 15 inches dbh (diameter at breast height) and has been living half a life hung up in the beech trees for the past 15 years. This little dog of ours walked up the tree to the crotch of the beech, about 16 feet above ground level, turned around and came down. Bob caught a picture of her on the way down, she was probably 10 feet above ground level. She does this frequently with trees like this when we walk in the woods, but this is her most daring!

She is my hero these days.

We have had quite an infestation of deer in our woods the past several years. The ocean of trillium we had for all of my lifetime has being browsed away to the point where we were seeing only a few blooms here and there in little refuges under fallen branches and such. The plants were there, but the deer ate the blossoms like candy. The plants, with all this browsing, are getting smaller, though. It has been another of the many sadnesses in my life. Losing elm trees, losing a favorite place to development, the impending emerald ash borer taking away the white and black ashes…..

a poor picture, but there are many trillium

This past year, since my layoff, we have had lots of time to walk in the woods. Between Bob and myself we must have the dog up there 4 or more times a day. The payoff is coming in more than exercise, maybe. I can’t prove it but I like to think all this doggy presence is repelling the deer. This year we have a much greater trillium bloom, not as dense as our former ocean, but it brings me waves of hopefulness.

So, is the bright side to having a needy little shelter dog asking to go out every 2 or 3 hours that the deer can’t spend as much time eating trillium salad?

my heroine. photo by Bob

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I remember a carpet of white every year, it seemed like the whole woods were covered.

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